About Us

With more than 20 years of experience with our strong technical staff with an innovative, dynamic, efficient, reliable team spirit, Termofan produces Air Handling Units, Package Type  Air Handling Units, Hygienic conditioners Units, Hygienic Air Conditioning Units, Pool Dehumidification Air Conditioning Units, Closed Control Units, Heat Recovery Units, Fans, Fan Coils, Ecological Kitchen Units, Air Disinfection Units and their Equipments.

Mission and

Our Mission;
We exist to leave more comfortable spaces and a cleaner world to the society we live in by producing energy efficient, environmentally friendly, high quality and competitive products. The satisfaction of our customers comes first. We produce products that meet customer  expectations.

Our Vision;
To become the leading company in the air conditioning sector by steadily increasing our domestic and international market share with our high production quality, innovative products and increasing brand awareness


To carry out production without disturbing the natural life, to ensure that energy efficiency is the cornerstone of our age and our country.
To produce production considering the fact that it is one of the important problems,
We use all our means and energy to leave a more livable world to future generations.
to produce, to eliminate possible problems in advance with our environmental awareness, The current Quality Management System, which is open to continuous improvement within the framework of this basic principle, We design the perfect, reliable product by meticulously applying the requirements of our system, Our main goal is to verify the suitability and present it to the customer.