Standard Air Handling Unit

Termofan “TKS” model standard executaion air handling units are composed of 26 different sizes ranging from 1.500 to120.000 m³/h in air flow rates. The smallest model is TKS 7-7 outer crossection dimensions of 710 mm x710 mm wheares the largest model is TKS 22-22 with outer dimensions of 2235 mm x 2235 mm excluding aluminum frame. High airflow units can be designed with special dimensions.

Hygienic Air Handling Unit

Termofan “TKS” model air handling units are designed in parallel to today’s rapidly advancing HVAC technology to meet the IAQ requirements and air-borne particule controlled enviroments such as surgical operation rooms, intensive care rooms, electronic and optical industries as classified and with VDI 28O3/1 Class-0 to Class-7.

Pool Dehumidifying Units

Termofan “THNS” type package units to remove excess moisture from surface evaporation in indoor swimming pools Special air conditioning units designed to provide optimum comfort throughout the year. Relative humidity above 60%not only deteriorating comfort conditions, but also condensation on the walls and Windows damage to all installation elements within the space. THNS series power plants package type designed to provide high comfort conditions and to remove high absolute humidity when necessary air conditioning units. THNS type air conditioners have cooling circuit, electrical control panel and programmable automatic. Since they have the control equipment, they are required to they don’t need anything.