TERMOFAN TFSA series silencers are used to reduce the sound level which is the biggest problem of the air conditioning and ventilation sector. One of the most important among the comfort conditions, sensors must be used for the sound level, which does not go to levels that protect life and work. The costs are very valuable for the benefit that it provides, as the cost, that have a little share of the system cost. The silencers are formed by placing splitters of appropriate thickness selected in accordance with the system requirements in the galvanized asc body.


TERMOFAN TFYSA and TFDSA series silencers are used to prevent sound transmission between ducts and chambers. External body galvanized sheet material, inner surface perforated and between two surfaces, glass wool or stone wool material is used. Standard silencer length l: 450-950-1450 and 1950mm according to connection diameter. RSA-2 series are used in ø400 and over diameters and there is a rectangular compartment of perforated sheet in the bottle of this series, and this compartment is covered with insulation material.