The THKS model air handling units are designed in parallel to today’s rapidly advancing HVAC technology to meet the IAQ requirements and air-borne  particule controlled enviroments such as surgical operation rooms, intensive care rooms, electron- ic and optical industries as classified and with VDI 2803/1 Class-0 to Class-7.

The THKS air handling units are designed and produced in conformity with DIN 1946-4 and with EN 13053. The inner surfaces of the units are completely flat and they don’t have protruding pieces or particles that may cause dust accumulation. The inner parts are washable and they have a completely hygienic construction.

The THKS model units are produced in 26 basic sizes with air flow rates ranging from 1.520 m3/h – 39.200 m3/h. Larger units based on special designs are also possible upon request.