Rectangular Volume Control Dampers

Termofan model TVCD-R air dampers are designed to regulate or shut off air flow in ducts with rectan- gular or square cross section. The standard design is an opposing blade type. The blades are made of 6033 extruded aluminium sections and the frame is made of galvanised steel sheet.
Mounting is by means of screws. The control motor is an accessory


Circular Volume Control Dampers

Termofan TVCD-C model circular flow control damper is used as an air regulating element in circular air ducts in ventilation systems. It is manufactured from galvanized sheet and sealing gasket is applied on the valve. The mounting is done with bolts. The servo-motor is its accessory.


Fire Dampers

Termofan TFD model fire dampers are used for limiting the fire area with the aim of preventing the fire from spreading  around in ventilation systems. The body and blades are insulated as heat resistant and are manufactured as automatic shutdown or controlled in case of fire according to the demand.


Fire And Smoke Dampers With Multiple Blades (Prismatic)

The fire/smoke dampers with multiple blades of the Termofan TFSD model are directly designed to prevent the penetration of combustion products through ducts from one room into other rooms and to remove smoke and gas from  the place where a fire occurs. The rectangular duct type valves are available with two connection flanges and external actuator placement, and the wall type with one connection flange and internal actuator placement.

The valves are operated either electrically by a remote-controlled actuator or automatically.


Louver Damper

Termofan TLD model air inlet louvres are elements that produce a unidirectional air flow. There are 3 types, including duct-mounted, inlet-mounted and outdoor wall-mounted inlet. The blades are connected to each other to ensure synchronous movement


Sand Holder Louvers

Termofan TSHL model sandbars are used to keep the sand from the outside of the air duct suction and shoots at a  certain rate. It can be made of aluminum blinds and sand holding unit from galvanized sheet or stainless steel.
Electrostatic powder paint can be made upon request. Standard colors are RAL 9010 and 9016. Other colors are provided with oven paint.

It is designed in such a way that it can be mounted on the duct in practice. There are mounting flanges at both ends. All filters are placed on slides for easy disassembly and assembly.


Acoustic Louvers

Termofan TAL model acoustic louvers are used to reduce the transmission of sound from the channel at the air wing tips. Casing and wings can be made of galvanized sheet from aluminum or stainless. Electrostatic powder paint can be made upon request. Standard colors are RAL 9010 and 9016. Other colors are provided with oven paint.