With Advanced Technology
Innovative Steps in Climate Control

The Role of our R&D Department:
Termofan A.Ş.’s R&D department plays a key role in realizing our company’s vision and mission. This department continuously works to research new technologies, improve our existing product portfolio and develop innovative products. It also focuses on creating solutions in the areas of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Focal Points of Our R&D Efforts:
Energy Efficiency: As Termofan A.Ş., we continuously strive to
improve the energy efficiency of our products. We promote energy savings through innovative approaches such as heat pumps, inverter technologies and more.

Environmental Sustainability: 

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by developing environmentally conscious products. The use of recyclable materials, waste reduction and green production methods are our focus in these areas.

User Friendly Design: 

We continuously improve the user-friendlydesign of our products to increase customer satisfaction. Easy usability, remote access and smart control systems are among our priorities in this area.

Technological Innovation: 

Mastering the latest technologies in the market keeps our products competitive. We continuously improve our products by working in areas such as sensor technologies, data analytics and artificial intelligence.